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Obama's plan to spread the wealth around flawed Obama's plan to spread the wealth around flawed It is just one week before nov.4 and I have been watching political ads in the news, Reading politics fliers stuck in my doors, And receiving political cell message or calls on my cell.I am happy to report that i find a very valuable lesson from all this campaigning, truth be told, i've been hunting enlightened not by maverick mccain, nor have i finally taken something of value abandoning obama's rhetoric of change and hope. To date, i no longer need Pandora Beads Australia to be concerned about my standardized test scores, my grade point average, my computer forms to graduate school, my job with the university or heck, i don't even care about college with my degree in may.Why the sudden nonchalance pertaining to my future?Mainly, you know what:President obama will make sure i'm ok.I don't have to pursue a degree, i won't need to try to make something of my life, i don't even must carry out minimum wage.I can sit at home all day long peaceful in the knowledge that obama is taking care of me, an average middle-Class citizen.And pay taxes to support my relaxation forever.Who's with me at night? Goodness me, wait alittle.This is reality and i still have some wise practice about me.I still need to graduate, get my master's higher education certification, find a job with a firm and start repaying graduate school loans.On the other hand gets better!I also now get to pursue a better life and earn money not just to compliment my family and myself.It doesn't, not an, now i get to help support everyone who is too lazy to work in her youth. Wake, north the states.We as citizens of usa aren't guaranteed a"Growing of the wealth"As obama so adamantly goals.Our great nation was founded by the same men who declared that inalienable rights included the right to life, liberty and the search for happiness;That's the plan.Do my eyes fail me or is the legal right to money mentioned somewhere in there?Also, assured, you may argue that the quest for happiness means a right to monetary happiness but i'd say check again, guys, unfavorable is"Interest"Not total satisfaction.You have every right to pursue happiness and if indicates monetary wealth, very good.What you should is the right to expect money from the government simply on principle.Our goal is to facilitate informed contact on current events and community issues.Please note that comments not meeting the subsequent criteria will be deleted by moderation: Comments must make a coherent factor to the discussion. No junk posts, advertising or inexplicable links will be tolerated. Comments must not contain their own jarrod attacks, name phone calls, hateful 'language', obscenity, profanity(Including definite changes with letters replaced by symbols)Or while making love explicit material. Comments may not contain overwhelming or threatening material, nor may they contain textile that degrades others based on race, ethnic culture, regardless, grouping, sexual direction, religious beliefs, disability or other types. While comments may remain mysterious, obvious impersonation attempts may not be tolerated. Comments may not contain material that violates the local, state or country wide laws, nor material that advocates the hire of a crime. Comments may not include libelous or defamatory wood. To see the fully comment policy visit our comment policy. Erika, you have been drinking too much mccain kool aid.I've been being employed by 35 years, saving for retirement and living a fiscally answerable life.Because of the republican policies of the last eight years, my savings have been decimated in the recent financial doom and gloom and i won't be getting any help with my mortgage because it's not subprime Pandora Australia Online and i make my payments.Wow, and i don't a candidate for those bush tax cuts for the wealthy either.And you are whining about redistribution of wealth?You must have missed the massive upward spreading of the wealth usually.Just who were these"That blindly expect government support, surely you no longer need mean aig, bear stearns and large banks?Not again, it's all the ones icky, lazy poor usually so inconvenient to our great american society.Keep in mind, there as well as the grace of god.Good luck on the. "Due to the republican policies of the last eight years"Ought"Due to the democratic policies of the last twelve years, at hand, fixed that to your account.See bill clinton repeals cup steagall act in 1999, or bill clinton changes open public reinvestment act in 1995.Honestly i'm stoked about it wealth redistribution thing.Get real, just look at social alarm.I've just formed paying into it, and i can't wait to see what i get when i retire in 40 years. What do your grandma and grandpa do all day?Mine grand daddy lives in florida and golfs and bowls weekly.He also reads the paper daily and visits the pool practically every day.You could argue he sits around all day and waits for his state administration check.Then again, what really got me laughing at you is your lack of advice about the loss of jobs, an insertion 2.2 million some individuals last month.Incredibly, your self a job?More like try to find out who is hiring because you are missing the scroll at the bottom of fixed news telling you that companies are laying off hundreds and maybe thousands of workers.All the best.In your job search, but don't classify the competition as lazy. Truly, that was so fully put!Appraisal agree 100%.It's positively preposterous.I work hard everyday 8 5 for my spouce and i, not for some idiot who knows his check will roll in every month and thinks that he'll course job"This morning, as long as social security, that's Pandora Glass Beads a not the same subject those who retire and have paid social security their entire life deserve to get those checks not the idiot who sucked off the government his entire life and amounted to nothing. Jerr t:Information lesson but i already knew it.I am an educated elitist liberal who would like to give money for nothing and believes that making a master list of everyone who receives welfare or food stamps is wrong because then we could check when they applied and cut them off at a certain point, plus as a republican as if you, or a libertarian would argue it infringes upon their civil protections.Not like the current government would want to defend those.Better, the party in power almost exclusively within the past couple years could not have been the republicans, oh dear, This is a perfect example with people who do not research their facts before they think something.This whole article seems to be in line with the words"Putting on of the wealth, but if you did your homework rather than letting someone swing the way you think you would know that mccain is doing the same thing,"Scattering the wealth, the truth is that you simply assume that money will be taxed from you and given to people who don't deserve it.When in fact unless you own your own small business or make over like 200 grand a year you will either get a tax break or stay the same.The plus side is that hopefully if you work for a small company who doesn't provide health insurance protection, are going to made to do so, with a regulations.Is that what you call thinning out of the wealth, i don't even think so! I just don't get how people, essentially republicans i know, can just follow someone's words without figuring it out for themselves, or having their own in house opinion.Be diligent so you don't look like an idiot.Little or an absense of, they let someone say to them how to think. I just wish people would do your homework before they typed up words to be put on such a public forum.It truly makes me sad! Joey:That was the most incomprehensive gobblygook i've ever read. "The truth is you assume that money will be taxed from you and given to people who don't deserve it.When in fact unless you own your own small business or make over like 200 grand a year you will either get a tax break or stay the same, all that?I think you would like to say that only people who make over $200, 000/year(That has been $250, 000 at some point, and biden's now thinking $150, 000)Need to bother with higher taxes.And the internet marketers.The everyone else will be getting"Tax abrasions, now explain to me how 95% of americans will get tax cuts when difficulties 35% don't pay any federal income tax?Do those 35% deserve a tax cut when it doesn't actually pay anything?What obama is suggesting is taking money from the 65% that pay taxes and giving it to the 35% who don't.This reaches far deeper than solely those making $150, 000/year, so we all should worry. Great item.Poeple are fools.By saying that he is for the middle-Class, obama is grabbing the attention of many patients and that is all he is trying to do;Get ballots.Look at his standards.Frankly, some are not even possible, plus biden has voted the exact opposite of obama in so many cases.He simply votes the most liberal in each and every case.He is treats like a good public speaker with no experience and terrible values and he is trying to play off of people wanting change in this country.Do some on-Line detective work about his past too. Does anyone in here know any item about taxes?Let me go over a few facts about taxes. Right now we use a progressive tax system, whereby the poor are taxed a smaller percentage that the middle-Class, the middle-Class less that the rich.All of this money goes to the us government to help pay for programs that everyone uses(Medical related, commuter routes, self defenders, guidance, are used to help).Which, the current white house is spreading the wealth as well.If you dont would love to spread the wealth, difficulty, you have done it before have you ever paid taxes so you are all"Socialists, Tax cuts for 95 percent of americans does not are the entire population.To become able receive a tax cut, you will need to pay taxes.How might you cut something when that something is zero? Surprise, you are really ignorant of a realistic look at living in america, you mustve evolved rich, because reality check but the indegent arent lazy, they want to survive.Being born into generational poverty is extremely unique of growing up in generational wealth. "Standard wage"Is not even a living wage people have to work 2 3 jobs just to make enough money to feed their loved ones!Perfectly as, contentment has time limits if you didnt realize, so most customers cant just spend their lives mooching.There are some people towards the bottom that abuse the system, but look at all of the people at the top that abuse the machine, finding loopholes to stay as rich and often and scheming to pay less taxes.You have to comprehend that people start at different places depending on what situation they are born into, what amount of cash their parents make, and their current address.Everyone needs a chance, and i agree that moochers ought to be stopped, but so should those corporate ceos and rich people who screw the system too,


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