Pandora Glass Beads arrived with a smoke burn and
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Oft tackles vital beauty prize draw scam Oft tackles vital beauty prize draw scam , There are always some phrases that are developed in a smaller type than others. "Here is a normal marketing technique but we will respect the judgement of Pandora Sale UK the oft by making some changes, as an example. It is now written clearly on each page that these games are free and without a duty on the customer to buy.I am deeply upset and frustrated that nothing has been done about these match companies such as vital beauty and the swiss home shopping;My father who is 67 years old and troubled with parkinson's disease has been sending money to vital beauty for 3 years!Believing every single time that he will win a large sum of cash but he has not won a single penny, though often.My father's age coupled with his deteriorating health and the truth that he is on strong medication that causes compulsive behaviour!I have pleaded with my father to stop sending off homepage for these competitive events but he desperately wants to believe he will win the money.It is perfectly maddening that he has not learned his lesson but he is old and vulnerable.He has no the common sense and rationality anymore!The only option would be for the postal service to stop delivering these scam competition letters to our home!The envelopes happen to be so easy to indentify?Why hasn't anyone done something during this, I've had quite adequate as much as necessary, i am sick to death of receiving inventories.Etc from swiss home surfing and vital beauty.I have bought something twice.Yes i did receive a cheque for the sum 1.50 to withhold from my next order.I decided to do a search on the company and it seems there are a lot of unhappy people, it truly is awful.When you read the letter you think wow great i've won, well to any extent further until i can find a way of stopping the letters coming.I shall return all there post in the envelopes that state for orders only and i is definitely not putting a stamp on it.Its discusting that they will be getting away with this. Vulnerable people order in the hope that they will receive the great prize draw in two weeks after placing there order, i collected a letter from vital beauty approx 4 months ago telling me i.D triumphed in 21000, me di willdn.T think to much of it really but filled in forms anyway and posted them without an order, today i received another letter telling me my cheque is ready and waiting and i must admit i felt quite exited at the prospect of a large amount of.I completed the specified forms and even placed an order for the cheapest item so that i can receive my cheque quicker.However before writing out an inspection for 8.90 inc pp a niggling doubt arrived to my mind is this for real, Having recently getting a pc i thought i, D take a look and thank god i did. However after reading all of the comments i will not be sending off my forms, my husband has been receiving these scam letters from vital beauty the past 7 8 months receiving at least 2 and sometimes 4 on the same day.Each week, he is nearly seventy and really believes he has won a bundle, despite whatever we say we can't convince him that it is a scam.We at least have stopped him buying things off the interesting.We will be at our wits end, he luckily for us does voluntary work so we can get to the post first, but the days he fails are a nightmare, trying to access it before he doe. There must be someone that can cease this(I 'm going to do what a friend suggested and collect it all up)Wishing that i hadn't shredded dozens of it, and send it all back eventually improves stamp.Plus all the junk mail that regarding in our block of flats get. Lets see how that like receiving junk mail!I'm the latest gullible person and have placed orders with both vital beauty and swiss home shopping(I was going to place another small order when i decided to check my files, as i usually copy my orders. )And so forth!And realized that i've 3 oustanding 'small' orders, i checked my copies looking for an unknown number!Other than the order number then i checked using the and found that i've joined a non exclusive club, i've placed several small orders and then on time forgot about them!But later today, what's even more difficult, associates clubbers!Is that one of the orders i have obtained from vital beauty was for tablets which were supposed to improve your memory, do not think they work? These meals(My mother aged 81 years a few weels ago died from a stroke)Mind stem bleed.She had been receiving allsorts of pills creams from vital beauty with the aspiration of winning large sums of money, one of the merchandise ginkgo biloba to help improve memory was bought without our knowledge, is not to be studied with warfarin or aspirin.Both she was taking as written up.I blame this for her stroke subsequent death and i hold vital beauty accountable for harrasssing her and bombarding her with junk and false hope, Please do not try this company they are con men.Well well well what i say.I absolutely had to have to admitt i did have my hopes up untill reading every ones comments now im not so sure, this now remains to appear.I shall have to just wait and see if i get it or not and shall keep all you people informed.Im not going to say anything about vital beauty at this instant untill i see if this is true or not.Like i said i will keep you informed in any case, my 84 year old mother has been conned by these consumers for years, she still orders from their website(And still believes they may send her a big fat)Not for existent.Check, she's got to the issue where she actually believes they are telling her the truth and that my husband i are lying to her, she must be one of the most beautiful customers.I am so annoyed and don't recognize how to convince her to stop ordering)Bundle of liquorice allsorts for 13.Persist with coming, We require help, i recognized all the promises of a cheque of 20.000 from Vital pure skincare.Both my spouce and i were excited at the fact that maybe our luck had changed.I have copd and weakening of bones.I have been told that i have + 3 years at the rate i'm going down hill, we were likely send away for an ordewr from vital beauty, but after showing the info to a friend and our little ones.We were told to be cautious, unfortunately, we decided to look up on the computer about vital beauty and lo and behold.We see that possibly they are scammers, my hubby has now torn up the junk mail, as which could be all it is.And put it in the trash can.Thats where all of vital beautys rubbish will be going ahead So a very big are grateful for telling us all about the scams.For a nice and receiving letters from vital advising i had won numerous amounts of money since september last year.At first i handled forms and placed orders.Realised this is a scam looking at this site, i have already been returning their letters back to them unstamped, advsing them to take me of their subsciber Pandora Jewellery list, and this is noting but a scam. They continue to be sending letters to me saying i have won 18k 24k ect.Havent these people got it into their heads that i and many other people are not interested. Obviously not as they are probably drawing in more nieve and vunerable people thinking they have won large measures of money, What / things we do to stop this? Why do we have a workplace of fair trading, i have also been conned by the suggestions above and also delices and gourmandises, i get may 6 lots of mail a week from these conmen, often times though i did send for things before realising that this was a scam and when i did i stopped my cheques with the bank, now i am gaining mail asking me to honour my cheques.I'm really not sure things to do anymore about these scams, hopefully thanks to buyer others will be forewarned It's really bad asking good people for money for things they could possibly never think about buying normally and asking extortionate prices for them.It is a really challenging exercise seeing how the letters are worded to mislead.My mother in law standard gets them and still sends off for things.She has a drawer full. Whenever i can i suggest the flaws but she is ever hopeful"The usual thing to try to get is, which one has won a super cheque(Their other favourite may be the) "Small words, this is exactly what your winning letter would look like. Followed by an example winning letter that included names(My wife has been addressing these two companies)Vital beauty swiss home purchasing.In the past.Buying various items at huge prices in the belief the orders will bring payment of prize monies promised.I had read the policies etc, regularly but could see nothing untoward.Until today when i came upon all the comments on the web and found she has been scammed as she is disabled she thought the money could make such a difference to her life, swiss home paying for owe her a refund for an item ordered before xmas 2008!Which Pandora Glass Beads arrived with a smoke burn and makeup on it, she had to pay return shipping to a french address, the company have not as yet even taken care of immediately numerous letters asking for a refund.Available on the market continue to send more forms telling her she has won large cash sums, what stability do the oft give us. Please stop them dealing, certainly not sure if oft issue(Should certainly be classed as fraud).Finding money by deception, if a bogus conman was calling on old people in person offering goods and advising people had won every part, and due to the looks of it.It is fraud on a huge scale.Then a criminal criminal justice is in order, don't using tobacco and loans/mortgages have clear warnings.Perhaps time to set a standard where any such 'prize win' claim ought to have clear warning as govermentt standard not hidden small ie.'Please note the sender cannot guarantee you have won but will enter you in a never ending prize draw with these types of conditions which houdini couldn't pass , However I bet these prize draws likes and dislikes are drawn up my team of top lawyers to exploit a loophoole the government oft allows?Govt should get a new rules don't let pepole mass e mail without oft team of lawyers checking it out first? Undercover crime, greetings, well i received one of these letters today too.How i had won 25000 and if i reply with an order i shall receive a cheque for 12500 within 48hrs and then the further 12500 in 7 days there after, i too was sucked in and had completed the form!Answered the being approved question and spent the money.I also wrote out the order form for quick discharge of the money cause didnt want to wait till default mode of next march as they stated, i came on to the website to review cause all seemed too good to be true and after reading all these comments my bubbles birst.Thanks to all the comments left i wont taking a loss.Action must be studied, we should bombard this business with con letters too, thanks


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